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2017 annual meeting of China International legume import and export industry


In 2017, China International legumes import and export industry annual meeting first come to the beautiful and prosperous Nanjing, as a local enterprise in Nanjing, we are deeply honored!

How to choose green mung beans


View color: high-quality green beans skin was waxy, particles full, uniform, very few broken, no insects, no impurities. Poor green mung beans color bleak, uneven size of particles, fullness difference, broken more, there are insects, impurities and so on.
 Nanjing Bonagro Int’l Trading Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2010, the registered capital of 10 million, is a mainly agricultural products import and export of processing trade enterprises, the company headquarters is located in the hexi CBD center of nanjing city. With nearly two decades of experience in international trade in agricultural products, the executive team has many years of experience and management experience in large food groups.
Since its establishment, the enterprise mission of "food safe" in the universe, uphold the integrity-based, quality win, have talent, harmony……more>>
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