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Foreign trade assistant/document clerk   college   2 people  Treatment: preferential treatment
Job responsibilities:
1. Assisting foreign trade business in the external contact work;
2. Responsible for the export document operation of the business department, including the scheduled shipping date; Comparative freight rates; Arrange shipment; Production of inspection and customs declaration; Confirmation of policy and bill of lading; Customs clearance information; Check the cost of factories and freight forwarders;
3. Properly preserve export data, responsible for the accuracy of the documents, the timeliness of the shipment and the degree of cooperation with the business;
4. Responsible for handling all certificates of origin and related supporting documents;
5. Completed the quantitative work requirements on a regular basis under the leadership and supervision of superiors, and can independently handle and solve the tasks assigned.
1. Bachelor degree or above in English or trade, fluent in spoken and written English;
2. Work carefully and methodical, good communication, executive force and negotiation ability, have the ability to resist pressure, be able to cooperate with the team and obey the strong sense of responsibility;
3. Work well and be able to adapt to international customers' working hours and schedules;
4. Experience is not limited. We are more focused on the applicant's own ability. After entering the job, we will have three months of on-going training, and three months will be able to master relevant work contents.

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