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The magic beans are all powerful
Read:254  Update Time:2018-09-05  



White kidney beans -- slim down

The secret of slimming: white kidney bean contains alpha-amylase inhibitor, which can reduce the absorption of starch in the intestinal tract by inhibiting the activity of pancreatic amylase, so it has a certain reduction effect. British researchers experiments show that, for a month white kidney bean extract, intake by an average 2, 9 kg weight, and under the circumstance that does not decrease muscle, body fat rate reduced 45%, 10, hip circumference size by 1, 39% less, thigh decreased by 1, 44%, waistline reduced 3, 44%.

Soy bean- ear protectors

The secret of ear protection: people to middle and old age, hearing loss and even the age of deaf people. If the iron can be replenished in time, it can expand the microvessel, soften the red blood cells, and ensure the blood supply to the ear, thus effectively preventing hearing loss.


◆Light speckled kidney bean -- protect your heart

Protect your heart: Light speckled kidney bean with hydrogen oxidation enzymes, such as glutathione peroxidase is famous for its rich in antioxidants, which can effectively reduce the cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, reduce heart disease risk, is the patron saint of the heart.

Green mung bean -- - nourishing the liver

The mystery of the liver: mung bean is used as food and medicine, and it enjoys the reputation of "excellent effective grain". Contains a lot of protein, B vitamin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, to provide adequate nutrition for the liver; It has the ability to excrete toxins in the body, which can be called a good friend of the liver.


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