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High yield cultivation techniques of black bean
Read:345  Update Time:2018-06-10  

Black bean and commonly known as the black bean, nutrition, nourishing immune function. Is medicine and food and black food. The international market is highly sought after. Because of its low input, high output, easy to plant, the risk is small and popular among farmers.
First, the variety characteristics
Growth period of 90 days, to the active accumulated temperature of 2000-2200 degrees, testa black, white embryo, white flesh, 100 grain weight 19 grams, purple flowers, round leaves. Mu for 3 kilograms per square meter of seedlings of 20-22 strains, stem from the roots of 4-5 cm to branch, 4-6 branch. Plant height of 35-45 cm, 30-60 pods per plant, grain yield per pod 6, general block 150 kg, yielding land up to 250 kilograms, the whole growth period basically no plant diseases and insect pests.
Two, the main points of cultivation
No strict requirements on the last stubble. The post election slope, middle or lower fertility plots are total Mu Shi NPK fertilizer was 7.5 kg or 10 kg Shi Dadou special fertilizer. Seed available soybean seed treatment agent 35% CCT seed dressing. The sowing depth of 4 cm long, 15 cm away from the dibble seeding, dibble, each dibble 2 strains. Preemergence herbicide, application of clomazone and acetochlor or burn weeds. Required to shovel a timely manner, shovel three times. Early comprehensive end field management, the leaf spraying fertilizer mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate, promote early yield, quantity and quality.
Three, harvest
The entire plant leaves are yellow and 2/3 leaves off, every morning, artificial hand pulling, with ordinary soybean threshing. No broken grain threshing. And then drying 1-2 days, dry naturally. Warehousing is not complete before empty grain control in 1%, 1% and 15% water impurities.

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