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Pharmacological action of mung bean
Read:337  Update Time:2018-03-22  

1, some of the ingredients in mung bean directly have antimicrobial effect. The inhibition effect of the extract of mung bean extract on Staphylococcus aureus was proved by the antibacterial test. According to the study, the green bean contains a single Ning can solidify microbial protoplast, can produce antibacterial activity. The flavonoid compounds, plant steroids and other bioactive substances in green beans may also have a certain degree of antibacterial and antiviral action.
2, through the improvement of immune function to play an indirect antibacterial effect. Mung bean contains a number of bioactive substances such as alkaloids, alkaloids, plant steroids, saponins, etc. can enhance the body's immune function, increase the number of phagocytic cells or phagocytic function. Effect of experiment with complement sensitized yeast hemagglutination assay of mung bean on normal and cyclophosphamide induced immunosuppressed mice red blood cell immune function, results showed that mung bean can inhibit the function of mice induced by cyclophosphamide, low red blood cell function.
Mung bean
Mung bean (7 pieces)
Lowering blood lipid
There are 70% people with mung bean powder or germinated mung bean powder mixture in the feed to feed the rabbit, found on lipid metabolism in experimental hyperlipidemia rabbits (total cholesterol and beta lipoprotein) increased the effect of prevention and treatment, and reduce coronary artery disease, someone will bean water alcohol extract mix in animal feed, for 7 consecutive days, confirmed in normal mice (100g/kg crude drug D-1) and normal rats (16g/kg crude drug D-1) serum cholesterol significantly decreased. Further studies showed that the structure of cholesterol and phytosterols in mung bean containing similar plant sterols and cholesterol esterification enzyme to be competitive, esterification and reduce intestinal cholesterol absorption, and can promote the alienation of cholesterol and / or prevent cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver and other ways to reduce the content of serum cholesterol. In addition, soybean globulin was confirmed to have reduced the role of serum cholesterol, mung bean globulin has the same role worth exploring.
Anti tumor
It was found that the effect of mung bean on the prevention of lung cancer and liver cancer in mice induced by morphine and sodium nitrite. The experiment confirmed that phenylalanine ammonia lyase extracted from mung bean on murine leukemia L 1210 cells and human leukemia K 562 cells significantly inhibited, and with the increase of the dose of enzyme and the prolongation of time, the inhibitory effect was significantly increased, the same effect of 48h, 0.7U/ml enzyme and the inhibitory rate were 52% and 14.1%, when the enzyme the increase of 3.5U/ml, up to 77.1% and 5.8% respectively, and in 0.20%, 1%, 2% enzymes, 4%, 6%, 10% in carcinoma cell 72h, the inhibition rates were 25.8%, 40%, 55.3%, 72.6%, 77.9%, 82.9%.
Mung bean or extract the good raw material of SOD. The mung bean as the raw material for preparation of SOD oral liquid, which contains SOD after chemical modification, can not be damaged gastric acid and pepsin, prolong the half-life, suitable for human oral absorption. The oral liquid in addition to containing SOD, but also rich in amino acids, beta carotene and trace elements and other nutrients, with a good anti-aging function. In addition, there are experiments show that the tannins in the mung bean has antibacterial activity, and local hemostasis and wound healing promoting effect, which has a role in the treatment of burn.
1, the treatment of hypertension with sulfur, mung bean (with gauze wrap), add water to boil after 2 hours remove sulphur dry, add wine rhubarb production 20%, 4 tablets each time, 1 times a day, after meals, 10 days for 1 course of treatment, treatment interval of 5 days. Treatment of 107 cases, the cure rate was 68.22%, effective rate was 93.46%. "new medicine 1973; (8): 395.
2, treatment of mumps with mung bean 60 grams the students a small pot and boil until cooked, add cabbage from 2 to 3, and cook for about 20 minutes, take juice orally, daily 1 ~ 2 times. Treatment of 34 cases (3 to 4 days of the course), all cured. If in the early use of better. "Jiangxi medical journal 1966; 6 (6): 28.
3, treatment of boils 1 carp (weighing about 60 to 90 grams), 100 grams of mung bean soup meat, cooked beans, and even served 3 ~ 5 days, the treatment of intractable furunculosis in 20 cases, 18 cases were cured, 2 cases were invalid. "Guangxi Chinese medicine 1984; (3): 41.
4, treatment of lacquer sore 60 grams of mung bean, coix seed 30 grams, wash with water amount, simmer rotten; the amount of sugar added, decoction 1 Dayton clothing, daily 1 agent. The other with raw mung bean 60 grams, with boiling water soak for 12 hours, after removing the mash into a paste, apply to the affected part, several days. Treatment of 12 cases, all within 4 days of the skin rash subsided, clinical cure. "The new medical journal 1975; (12): 41.
5, the treatment of recurrent aphthous ulcer egg 1, the amount of mung bean. The egg in the bowl to tune into a paste, mung bean into the casserole, cold water soak 10 ~ 20 minutes to boil, take boiled mung bean into drinking the egg in the morning and 1 times a day. Treatment of 70 cases, the general 3 days that the more. "The new Chinese medicine 1989; (7): 17.
6, heat treatment of mung bean 500 grams, 30 grams of licorice, add 5000ML of water, boil mung bean flowering, cold tea for offspring, heatstroke dampness. "Chinese Medicine Bulletin 1985; (5): 59.
7, treatment of poisoning
(1) green bean milk, each serving half bowl, 2 cases of pesticide poisoning, 3 cases were served 1059 times and more. "The Zhejiang Journal of traditional Chinese medicine 1965; (7): 209.
(2) to 120 grams of mung bean mung bean licorice decoction, and the service agent 1 (if necessary, 6 hours, 1 agent) or through the tube. If can eat as much as possible can drink green bean soup. Treatment of phenytoin poisoning, dichlorvos poisoning, chlordiazepoxide poisoning and other 1 cases were cured.

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