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2017 annual meeting of China International legume import and export industry
Read:334  Update Time:2017-09-22  

In 2017, China International legumes import and export industry annual meeting first come to the beautiful and prosperous Nanjing, as a local enterprise in Nanjing, we are deeply honored!

Nanjing has a long history, has 6000 years of history of civilization; from 472 BC Goujian life Li fortification date, Nanjing has been the history of the city in 2490; Nanjing is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the ten dynasties, has nearly 500 years of history. Zhuge Kongming first came to Nanjing and "Zijin Mountain dragon, stone Huju, this is the king of the house of" divine fault!

Nanjing picturesque, spring outing "ox Yanlan", "Zhong Fu Qingyun" summer tour, autumn climb "Qixia Shengjing", "Ji snow winter view of rock". It is the majestic mountains and rivers, and the Jiangnan rain Mimeng; both the old foundation of residual wall wall and the Imperial Palace, the Buddhist Temple Temple daily call to religious life.

Nanjing is also the capital of Buddhism, and has a history of the development of Buddhist culture for more than 1780 years. It is not only one of the earliest cities in ancient China, but also the center of the research on the spread of Buddhist culture in modern China. "In the four hundred and eighty temple, how many loutai Yanyu", is one of the Buddhism recall, Nanjing is to promote Buddhist culture to support China longsheng.

Profound and rich cultural heritage and long history and civilization, Nanjing is one of the most important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. It has brought up the Chinese people, especially the Nanjing people who are honest, philanthropic and wise from generation to generation. Nanjing Bangnong international is rooted in the fertile soil. As a bean, Bangnong to absorb the essence of this land, began to sprout and grow. Bangnong founder of the team since 2000, focusing on beans in international trade, both from the ten years of occupation career managers, or the company founder seven years of experience, we always believe that the food industry is the ethical industry, the food industry is the conscience project". We look forward to the "World Food worry", adhering to the "integrity-based, quality win, Li has been Master, harmony and win-win" business philosophy, by virtue of the "core value of gratitude, modesty, perseverance, tolerance difficult" concept, starting from 400 thousand yuan in 2010, 2016 sales exceeded 200 million yuan, every step, we go full and happy! Bangnong all my colleagues will not forget the early heart, as in the past!

Reverence for nature, respect for the law; for farmer profit, which is benefit for food; the new economic norm to give dealers a new historical mission. Dear business friends, let us remember this mission, do not forget the beginning of the heart, by the industry association as a platform for the relevant policy suggestions the government's positive suggestions, China to a sonorous voice in the international arena, enhance international competitiveness, Chinese beans industry opened a new million people united as one man, for Chinese beans cause broad road!

Let every grain of beans can make the best use of our common wish "the world without worrying about food"!

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